IUE-CWA GE Members, Using your cell phone, text the word GE to 69866 to sign up for text message updates on the National GE Bargaining.

IUE-CWA National Bargaining Committee – July 23, 2019

IUE-CWA Bargaining Committee is waiting for GE to finalize a date for us to return to the table. The company is meeting today to answer questions for the other CBC Unions—none of whom have yet taken a membership vote to either ratify or reject the TA on the table. To date, IUE-CWA is the only Union which has voted on or turned down the TA. We will keep you updated as soon as we hear from GE and agree to a time and date. In their email to the membership, GE used the words “re-vote.” To be clear, we will “re-vote” when we have met with GE and have a NEW TA to vote upon, per the IUE-CWA GE membership.
–Jerry Carney, Acting Conference Board Chair