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GE made $11.6 Billion last year—and paid no federal income taxes! GE is part of the problem of rising health care costs—making $2 billion from their health care division in 2010. GE can well afford to maintain affordable health care coverage for GE employees and retirees.

Click here to tell GE to keep health care affordable for its employees and reitrees.


Take a look at what GE's proposed Health Catastrophe plan will cost you.

USA Today explores high deductible insurance plans in an article that ran this week.

Discover what GE’s proposed Health Catastrophe Plan
means for you and your family.

Let's look at a typical family with some assumed health care expenses and see if their health care costs change if they move to GE’s Health Choice options.

Look at the monthly premium payments and the deductibles.

General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt likes to complain that health care costs have reached $3 billion and are increasing 9 percent annually. Those are some big numbers. But so is the size and profitability of GE.

Learn how GE manipulates the U.S. health care system for its own profits.

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