IUE-CWA GE Members, Using your cell phone, text the word GE to 69866 to sign up for text message updates on the National GE Bargaining.

GE Contract Ratification Results – July 10, 2019

As we reported last night, the majority of individual IUE-GE members voted to approve the contract; however, our position is that the GE Conference Board Rules established in the IUE-CWA Merger Agreement is the controlling document, so the Per capita vote controls. A per capita vote means that if 50% plus one members voted “No” at any location, the entire local membership is recorded as having voted “No” and the same applies if 50% plus one voted “Yes.” The Per Capita vote results are 1,591 yes and 2,001 no, so the contract is hereby rejected.

We will be contacting GE to notify them of the results. GE’s obligation to bargain continues.
We will post updates as soon as we have further information.