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CBC Negotiations Day 5 – Friday June 7, 2019

The Union Coordinated Bargaining Committee (CBC) and GE continued discussions from yesterday on the process of subcommittees. The parties agreed that, due to the quantity of proposals still open, subcommittees would be formed for retirement and healthcare.

Each union within the CBC assigned main table members to participate in the subcommittees. Full participation allowed all unions within the CBC to continue to show solidarity and be engaged in the negotiation process.
Final proposals from the sub-committees will be dealt with at the main table.

The members of the CBC Health Care sub-committee;

Andy Blades Local 83701 IUE-CWA (Subcommittee Chair)
Renee Turner-Bailey UAW International
Gary Jordan UAW International
Matt Finley IAM Local 912 Chairman
Lawrence Butler IAM Local 439 Chief Steward
Rob Macherone Local 81301 IUE-CWA Business Agent
Bill Collins Local 84704 IUE-CWA President
Randy Middleton IBEW Director of Manufacturing

The member of the CBC Retirement sub-committee:

Jake Aguinaga IUE-CWA 1004 President (Subcommittee Chair)
Tim Mason UAW Local 647 President
Alex Luniewski IFPTE Local 147 President
Bob Foote IAM
Todd Smith IUE Local 303
Adam Stewenson UAW
Bobby Holt IUE-CWA Staff Attorney
Bill Maher IUE-CWA Local 201 Business Agent
Vicky Hurley IUE-CWA Local 82161 President
Neil Gladstein IAM Strategic Resources
Craig Norman IAM Director of Collective Bargaining

To close out the week, the CBC and company subcommittee members met to discuss open proposals and continue in-depth discussions. The CBC and GE will resume negotiations on Monday June 10, 2019.