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CBC Negotiations Day 17 – Friday June 21, 2019


As Retirees rally in front of GE Global Headquarters: At the Company’s request, our CBC International leads returned to meet today. The CBC International leads will meet with the Company to listen to the Company response to suspension of contract negotiations. The CBC and GE are discussing logistics at this time, in an effort to return back to the main table.

Upon returning to the main table, the CBC will resume discussing, researching, and deep-diving and exchanging proposals with the GE negotiating team. Topics of discussion include Health Care, Retirement, Overtime, and Wages. Jerry Carney IUE-CWA Conference Board Chairman and our CBC negotiating team are standing strong to bring back a fair and equitable contract for the membership.

Solidarity For a Secure Contract!

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Watch the Retiree Rally GE Global June 21, 2019