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CBC Negotiations Day 16-Thursday June 20

The Union Coordinated Bargaining Committee (CBC) has made the decision to break-off the small table subcommittee meetings. Their tasks of discussing, researching, and deep diving the proposals was well served. The subcommittee members will be returning as a main table unit under IUE-CWA Lead Negotiator Jerry Carney to complete negotiations with GE.

The CBC main table will be working diligently day and night to bring these negotiations to an end. As previously identified, the main table is made up of twenty-six (26) members of all the CBC unions including union leaders from the international level and local union representation and is led by CBC Chairman Carl Kennebrew and Lead Negotiator Jerry Carney. As we continue through the negotiation process, two additional representatives from each CBC Local will observe and provide support to the CBC main table.

The CBC main table will be working to identify which proposals can be tentatively agreed upon with the Company. The CBC will need to continue discussions on Healthcare, Retirement, Overtime-and the long-waited Wage proposals. The CBC main table will continue negotiating throughout the week with GE to bring closure to negotiations and a fair and equitable contract to the membership.