IUE-CWA GE Members, Using your cell phone, text the word GE to 69866 to sign up for text message updates on the National GE Bargaining.

CBC Negotiations Day 15 – Wednesday June 19, 2019 Activate Live Program

Please see the attached Link for Activate Live Program with Jerry Carney, IUE-CWA Conference Board Chairman and CBC Lead Negotiator, update the membership on the Union Coordinated Bargaining Committee’s (CBC) negotiations with GE. Additional main table union leader’s comments include: Craig Norman – IAM Director of Collective Bargaining, Gary Jordan – UAW International Representative, Randy Middleton – IBEW Director of Manufacturing and Alex Luniewski – IFPTE Local 147 President.

Reminder: Thursday June 20, 2019 is Show your Support for negotiations: Wear your Black T-Shirt.

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