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CBC Negotiations Day 13 – Monday, June 17, 2019

The Union Coordinated Bargaining Committee (CBC) is entering the third week of negotiations with GE. Week one included initial passing of comprehensive proposals by the CBC and GE. Week two incorporated the forming of subcommittees to perform the task of discussing, researching and deep diving the proposals with guidance and directives being provided by the CBC main table.

The CBC believes subcommittees will wrap up their tasks of identifying the impact of Company proposals and making suggestions on future proposals by mid-week. Subcommittee discussions, many lasting late into the night, were beneficial in identifying the proposals impact to each local union.

As additional delegates from CBC local unions travel into Cincinnati today, main table negotiations will continue with two representatives from each local union in the gallery. In an effort to enhance communications, between the negotiation leaders and all delegates, the CBC main table will meet nightly with all union delegates to update them on daily progress. The CBC main table will continue throughout the week negotiating with GE to bring closure to negotiations and a fair and equitable contract