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CBC Negotiations Day 17 – Friday June 21, 2019


As Retirees rally in front of GE Global Headquarters: At the Company’s request, our CBC International leads returned to meet today. The CBC International leads will meet with the Company to listen to the Company response to suspension of contract negotiations. The CBC and GE are discussing logistics at this time, in an effort to return back to the main table.

Upon returning to the main table, the CBC will resume discussing, researching, and deep-diving and exchanging proposals with the GE negotiating team. Topics of discussion include Health Care, Retirement, Overtime, and Wages. Jerry Carney IUE-CWA Conference Board Chairman and our CBC negotiating team are standing strong to bring back a fair and equitable contract for the membership.

Solidarity For a Secure Contract!

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Watch the Retiree Rally GE Global June 21, 2019

CBC Negotiations Day 16-Thursday June 20


​The current GE contract with the Union Coordinating Bargaining Committee (“CBC”) composed of the IUE-CWA, UAW, IAM,USW, IBEW and IFPTE, expires on June 23, 2019. GE and dozens of International and Local representatives of these unions have been locked in negotiations in Cincinnati, Ohio since June 2, 2019. The parties have met every day since then and have discussed, researched and deep dived the entire range of issues under the collective bargaining contract.

​At this point, the Company has agreed to some minor improvements to the contract but the key issues of wages, overtime, health benefits and retirement have not yet been agreed upon. The parties met today and the Company provided an amended Overtime offer and a proposed wage package. Both are entirely unacceptable to the CBC Unions and our members.

​It has been 50 years since the last contract strike at GE but we have not forgotten how to fight for our rights. IUE-CWA Conference Board Chairman Jerry Carney stated that “We are prepared to work around the clock with GE to negotiate a decent contract. But GE has to know that the terms it put on the table will lead to only one result – a general strike of all GE employees. We told GE this afternoon that we were suspending negotiations and would return to the table when they had a decent proposal to offer.”

​We will keep you updated if and when negotiations continue. Remember, solidarity is our strength

CBC Negotiations Day 16-Thursday June 20

The Union Coordinated Bargaining Committee (CBC) has made the decision to break-off the small table subcommittee meetings. Their tasks of discussing, researching, and deep diving the proposals was well served. The subcommittee members will be returning as a main table unit under IUE-CWA Lead Negotiator Jerry Carney to complete negotiations with GE.

The CBC main table will be working diligently day and night to bring these negotiations to an end. As previously identified, the main table is made up of twenty-six (26) members of all the CBC unions including union leaders from the international level and local union representation and is led by CBC Chairman Carl Kennebrew and Lead Negotiator Jerry Carney. As we continue through the negotiation process, two additional representatives from each CBC Local will observe and provide support to the CBC main table.

The CBC main table will be working to identify which proposals can be tentatively agreed upon with the Company. The CBC will need to continue discussions on Healthcare, Retirement, Overtime-and the long-waited Wage proposals. The CBC main table will continue negotiating throughout the week with GE to bring closure to negotiations and a fair and equitable contract to the membership.

CBC Negotiations Day 15 – Wednesday June 19, 2019 Activate Live Program

Please see the attached Link for Activate Live Program with Jerry Carney, IUE-CWA Conference Board Chairman and CBC Lead Negotiator, update the membership on the Union Coordinated Bargaining Committee’s (CBC) negotiations with GE. Additional main table union leader’s comments include: Craig Norman – IAM Director of Collective Bargaining, Gary Jordan – UAW International Representative, Randy Middleton – IBEW Director of Manufacturing and Alex Luniewski – IFPTE Local 147 President.

Reminder: Thursday June 20, 2019 is Show your Support for negotiations: Wear your Black T-Shirt.

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CBC Negotiations Day 15 – Wednesday June 19, 2019

The Union Coordinated Bargaining Committee (CBC) Unions had many delegates travel into Cincinnati Monday. The CBC main table coordinated a full CBC update with all union delegates in attendance and are continuing these updates nightly.

Tuesday, delegates were updated again on the status of negotiations and the projected schedule for the remaining negotiations. The CBC had originally planned to perform a package presentation to the delegates today, however, discussions in subcommittees continue and a final package has not been reached.

Initially, the CBC had identified Thursday, June 20th as the intended wrap up day in Cincinnati. The current process, however, is likely to extend to the expiration of the CBA. The CBC is working hard to bring a fair and equitable package to the membership.

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CBC Negotiations Day 14 – Tuesday, June 18, 2019

While the Union Coordinated Bargaining Committee (CBC) subcommittees worked on outstanding issues this morning, over two hundred UAW and IAM retirees and delegates assembled outside the GE Evendale, OH facility. IUE-CWA, IBEW, USW & IFPTE showed their solidarity by participating. The retirees and delegates rallied to voice their concerns over GE reducing health care, pensions and other retirement and life benefits. Carl Kennebrew, IUE-CWA President and CBC Chairman, noted, “GE would not be the profitable company it is today without Union retirees who labored for the company for many years! GE needs to honor our retired members and keep their promises.”

See video link of the Evendale rally below:

CBC Negotiations Day 13 – Monday, June 17, 2019

The Union Coordinated Bargaining Committee (CBC) is entering the third week of negotiations with GE. Week one included initial passing of comprehensive proposals by the CBC and GE. Week two incorporated the forming of subcommittees to perform the task of discussing, researching and deep diving the proposals with guidance and directives being provided by the CBC main table.

The CBC believes subcommittees will wrap up their tasks of identifying the impact of Company proposals and making suggestions on future proposals by mid-week. Subcommittee discussions, many lasting late into the night, were beneficial in identifying the proposals impact to each local union.

As additional delegates from CBC local unions travel into Cincinnati today, main table negotiations will continue with two representatives from each local union in the gallery. In an effort to enhance communications, between the negotiation leaders and all delegates, the CBC main table will meet nightly with all union delegates to update them on daily progress. The CBC main table will continue throughout the week negotiating with GE to bring closure to negotiations and a fair and equitable contract

CBC Negotiations Day 10 – Friday, June 14, 2019

Discussions between the Union Coordinated Bargaining Committee (CBC) and Company continued this tenth day of negotiations. Subcommittees are broken out into three different groups: healthcare, retirement and contract language/wages.

Each union subcommittee throughout the week was assigned the task of discussing, researching and deep diving into each individual proposal. The subcommittee is required to report out to the CBC main table the impact of the Company’s proposals and how they affect the membership. The subcommittees also make suggestions on future proposals and changes to the Union CBC main table regarding the Union’s comprehensive package. The subcommittee takes main table directives back to the Company for further in-depth presentation and discussions.

The main table CBC, represented by one or more members of each participating Union, provides the final direction to a subcommittee on how action is taken. After thoroughly researching, and in-depth discussions, the CBC main table exchanges proposals with the Company’s main table participants to work towards a tentative agreement on behalf of the membership.

The main table and subcommittee representatives have worked extensively throughout the week, with many late nights. They will continue throughout the weekend discussing proposals and identify the best course of action to finalize negotiations towards a fair and equitable contract for the union membership.

CBC Negotiations Day 9 – Thursday, June 13, 2019

As the second week of negotiations is coming to a close, The Union Coordinated Bargaining Committee (CBC) continues to exchange proposals and have subcommittees meet several times a day. The retirement subcommittee countered the Company late last night and is waiting on the Company’s responses. The Company has made minor movement on their proposals to date and are not moving on their overall position. Members in the ranks close to retirement should be concerned about the Company’s position. The CBC continues to demand a fair retirement package which provides financial security for the members.
The healthcare subcommittee continues to stipulate to the Company that healthcare is a major concern to every union member at every unionized site. Healthcare was a major issue for the membership on the pre-negotiation surveys. Employees of GE work tirelessly producing a product, and in return, their spouses and babies deserve the security of low-cost, high-standard healthcare.
The company’s theme continues with little movement in the contract language subcommittee. Wages, and a required general wage increase, have still not become a highly-discussed topic. The CBC continues to defend its position to protect all unionized worker’s rights.

CBC Negotiations Day 8 – Wednesday, June 12, 2019

In a show of solidarity, the Union Coordinated Bargaining Committee (CBC) requests all Union members, at all GE sites, wear their CBC black t-shirt tomorrow, Thursday, June 13th.
Halfway through week two of negotiations, significant distance remains between management proposals and union proposals on many important issues.The retirement subcommittee has met regularly and continues to discuss proposals.
The healthcare subcommittee has been meeting several times a day. The parties have been providing counters to each other’s proposals. As our membership has stated in surveys, healthcare continues to be a main topic of conversation at the negotiation table.
The contract language and wages subcommittee are continuing to address language concerns. It is unlikely wages will be an in-depth topic of discussion until healthcare proposals are further discussed and close to agreeable terms.

The subcommittees are meeting regularly and continued late into the evening on Tuesday. Subcommittee meetings resumed on Wednesday morning.