IUE-CWA GE Members, Using your cell phone, text the word GE to 69866 to sign up for text message updates on the National GE Bargaining.

Bargaining at GE

Forty years ago, faced with GE’s adversarial bargaining philosophy (dubbed “Boulwareism” after the Company’s chief negotiator and his practice of making a single take-it-or-leave-it offer), IUE pioneered a coordinated approach to bargaining by bringing together all GE (and Westinghouse) unions to jointly develop contract proposals and negotiate together.

Today, Carl Kennebrew, President of IUE-CWA, chairs the Coordinated Bargaining Committee of GE Unions (CBC), and no single union has to stand alone in its fight for justice at GE. The unions of the CBC combine their collective power so the Company cannot use divide-and-conquer tactics to weaken us.

During GE bargaining, members set priorities by filling out bargaining surveys, submitting proposals, and electing leaders, who along with the bargaining committee, negotiate with GE at the main table.

The pay, benefits, and working conditions that we have today were not won overnight. The timeline below shows how long and hard the fight has been.