IUE-CWA GE Members, Using your cell phone, text the word GE to 69866 to sign up for text message updates on the National GE Bargaining.

2019 National Negotiations Preparations Underway

The unions of the CBC, under the leadership of CBC Chairman/IUE-CWA President Carl Kennebrew and IUE-CWA GE Acting Conference Board Chairman Jerry Carney have begun to prepare for the 2019 GE National Negotiations, which begin in June 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio. All of the Unions in the CBC are coming together in an unprecedented show of solidarity to visit GE Union Locations and see first hand the tremendous work our members do for General Electric.
The CBC Negotiating Committee has met several times to discuss bargaining structure and the results of the bargaining surveys, and the bargaining subcommittees are for the first time meeting prior to the start of negotiations to help in the formulation of demands.

Daily/weekly bargaining updates will be posted on this site and on the GE Workers United Facebook page. Please check back for more information as we approach the kickoff date.