Bargaining Update Tuesday June 30, 2015:

This evening Jim Clark, President of the IUE-CWA, released a statement that the tentative National Contract between the IUE-CWA and General Electric Corporation has been accepted and ratified at every IUE-CWA represented facility. “We are pleased that our membership has recognized the value in the new four year agreement and has passed the contract by a strong 83.5% margin.” The IUE-CWA represents the largest number of workers at General Electric Corporation.

James D Clark

Bargaining Update Wednesday June 24, 2015:

During the recent negotiations for the 2015-2019 National GE Agreement the IUE-CWA Negotiating Committee raised concerns about the issue of health care for post 65 retirees, in view of GE’s changes for the salaried employees.  While the Union is not legally permitted to bargain over the benefits of retired members, we addressed the post 65 health care repeatedly during the negotiations.  The Union negotiated a reasonable post 65 health care package for current employee who will retire under this Agreement.  GE has committed to announce later this summer how they intend to address post 65 health care for those already retired.  As soon as we learn their intentions, we will analyze their actions and advise our retirees.

This morning in New York, the IUE-CWA Local delegates met to review the tentative agreement. They unanimously voted to support the tentative agreement and take it back to their locals for a final membership vote.  Details on that agreement are below.

Tentative Agreement Highlights

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 Featured Face of GE

Name: Debra Laird
Job: Warehouse operator
Employed at GE: 9 years
Local: IUE-CWA Local 761 Louisville, KY
Family Information: I’m crazy about my grandson, Isaiah
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, singing, dancing, tennis. Attended 2014 U.S. Open!
Community Involvement: Newburg Tennis Assoc., Derby City Steppers, Mount Hermon Christian Church Praise Team
Important bargaining issues: Pay, healthcare, retirement benefits

Quote: ” I feel fortunate to have 9 years at GE, and I’m very optimistic about our negotiations.”


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